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About Air Service

Air Service AS was founded in 2002 and the headquarter is based at Vardö Airport in the north-east of Norway. Today we provide ground handling/supported services at Vardö Airport, Brönnöysund Airport and Murmansk Airport, and we are the agent for Wideröe Airline at these airports. In addition to this, we are also handling HeliTrans, DirektFlyg and Bergen Air Transport in Brönnöysund, and the swedish company Skyways in Murmansk. Within the next ten years, we wish to be a major airline partner in the Barents region.

We are also active in airline consulting, particularly to airlines operating or planning to operate in the northern parts of Norway, Russia, Finland and Sweden.

The Managing Director of Air Service has experience from a leading position, and beeing a postholder in a regional airline.

The Quality & Development Manager of Air Service has experience from ground handling as a Ground Operations Manager (Nominated Postholder) in a minor regional airline, and he has also skills in practic ground handling and sales. We are proud to have well educated employees who really value their work.

Our mission is to simplify our customers operations and reducing their costs, enabling them to focus on fullfilling their customers needs profitably. To realize our mission, we always have these values in mind:

* Flexible: To meet the varying demands in a unique way.

* Precise: Exactness in service and delivery.

* Dedicated: We always make the extra effort to be involved.

If you want us to be a part of your airline sytem, we promise to give both you and your customers the best service that can be provided.